This week at meditation April 13

Hi BN Meditation,
This week at meditation, we will “Check in with our practice” during the discussion time. How is it going? What challenges are you facing with it? Or anything else you want to say. I will go around the group and welcome everyone to speak, while also allowing that some will simply say “pass.” Participation in discussion is always optional. I will ring the bell and start discussion.

We also need a leader for next week, April 20. I will bring a sign up clipboard for anyone in the group to pick a day to lead. This entails acting as a timer (a kitchen timer or phone timer works fine) and introducing a discussion. You might want to bring a recorded dharma talk, or send out an article in advance. It could be as simple as throwing out a discussion topic or reading a poem or asking a question about meditation or Buddhism or a related topic. Your choice.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out our website which contains previous dharma talks, meeting times, descriptions of walking and sitting meditation and a lot more.