Meditation group

Dear beautiful meditators,

Although we are practicing social distancing for the good of our larger community, we can still be a resource to each other. If anyone in our community needs help please reach out here.  

In the mean time, daily practice can help us deal better with stress and help us feel more connected. 
Below is a message Stefen from the BN Zen Group shared: 

InsightLA is in the process of moving or has moved all their offerings online right now, either via Facebook or Zoom. For instance, Trudy Goodman will be offering a meditation and dharma talk today via Zoom. You can find them at

As well, they’re offering something called ‘Dharma Pals’ – they’re ‘offering to match community members as Digital Dharma Pals! These are spiritual support buddies you can regularly connect with by phone, Zoom/Facetime or email to practice together, and offer/find caring support.’


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