Meditation Dec 14 & 22nd

Dear Sangha,

This week is our 5th anniversary of the beginning of our sangha at UUBN. Just when I think I am too “busy” to meditate, I am reminded that that is exactly when we started the group, in the midst of the busy season.
The readings  for the next two Sunday’s Sangha are Chapter 22 by Ezra Bayda: Breaking Through and Chapter 23 by Rachel Neumann: Not Quite Nirvana. If you need a copy of these please contact me or if no response (when gone), contact Jeff O at , or Carolyn M. at
The readings are from our group read: Best Buddhist Writing of 2013 and we have permission to use copies of the chapter for educational purposes only, do not publish or post the readings. The discussion portion of our sangha meeting is on the chapter of the week and is always optional participation, and all are welcome.
Just a reminder, we have a lending library on our website with many books available to share on Buddhist topics.  I encourage everyone to check that out before buying a book on Buddhism.
Yours, Karen