BNMeditation at UUBN Sunday

Dear beautiful meditators,

It has been a long time since we meditated together in person.  So much has happened; it will take a long time to understand it. 

The folks at UUBN are now allowing groups to meet outdoors on church grounds if they follow certain guidelines (see below).  We will be meeting in the memorial garden in the south yard of the church on Sunday at our usual time: 6:00-7:30.  If there is rain or other inclement weather, we will meet in our Zoom room. I will send out an email an hour or more in advance if bad weather is predicted but this Sunday looks good so far.

Please bring a chair, cushion, and insect repellent if desired. There is a stone bench. Please bring a mask in case you need one, or if you need to enter the building.

The church asks that we follow the below covenant, which they’ve determined will help keep everyone safe. The BNMeditation steering committee and regular attendees have discussed the covid safety covenant, and we feel comfortable being unmasked, vaccinated, and outdoors.  However, we know others may feel differently, and we respect that.  We will have a brief discussion before we start to ensure consent and clarify any questions.

Please contact me if you have any questions before Sunday and I will do my best to get an answer.

We will sit for 20 minutes, walk or sit for 20 minutes, sit for another 20 minutes and then have a reading and discussion for the last 30 minutes. 

Peace to you all,

-If everyone in the group consents and all are comfortable, then those who are vaccinated may remove their masks
-Everyone keeps physical distance from others not in their bubble
-Restroom access is through the front door, one person or bubble at a time.  Everyone must wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.  Access to the building is only for the restroom, and people should not linger indoors.

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