Bloomington Normal meditation opportunity

Hello beautiful meditators,

I’m passing this on to you from the Zen Group because you are on the Bloomington Normal Meditation e-mail list. 
And as always, we meet each Sunday at 6:00-7:30 to meditate together at UUBN.
Our website is
If you’d like to be removed from the email list, please let me know. 
Hope to see you soon!

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From: BN Zen Group <>
Date: June 18, 2019 at 5:26:02 PM CDT
To: BN Zen Group <>
Subject: 6/29 and 6/30, Zuiko Redding Potluck, Sitting, and Dharma Talk

Hi Everyone,

We hope this email finds you well. This is a reminder of upcoming events the weekend of June 29 and 30:
The weekend of June 29 and 30, we are pleased to again welcome Zuiko Redding and Myoho Kendall from the Cedar Rapids Zen Center.
On Saturday, June 29, we will have a potluck starting at 5pm at 1303 Belt Ave, in Normal. 
Then Sunday, June 30, we will host an extended morning of zazen and a dharma talk with Zuiko. For this event we will not be meeting at our regular location but will instead be meeting at Bloom Community School, 1100 N Beech St., building #11, Normal (in Normandy Village). The tentative schedule for 6/30 is as follows. If you’re only able to make it for part of the morning, or only want to attend Zuiko’s talk, that is perfectly fine with us. All are welcome. 
8:00 – 8:20 Arrive and set up
8:20 – 8:30 Opening/instructions from Zuiko
8:30 – 9:10 Zazen (sitting meditation)
9:10 – 9:20 Kinhin (walking meditation)
9:20 – 10:00 Zazen (sitting meditation)
10:00 – 10:10 Service
10:10 -11:00 Dharma talk
11:00 –11:30 Zazen (sitting meditation)
11:30 – 11:40 Read Fukanzazengi together and closing remarks   
Zuiko will also have time during the day on Saturday, the 29th, for one-on-one talks. If you are interested in meeting privately with Zuiko to discuss your practice, please email her directly at . 

Please let us know what questions you have or if I have neglected to include relevant information.
in peace,
BN Zen Group 

Just bow in the way life becomes life — Uchiyama Roshi